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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

7:30 - 8:30 Breakfast (Sponsored by IMEG) and Registration
8:30 - 9:20

2019 Performance and the 2020 Forecast

Key Data and VRM intel take a deep dive into actual year-over-year (YOY) performance. Which areas saw YOY growth? Are we seeing migration of guests across destinations? Did we see notable swings in ADR, Occupancy, and RevPAR? Get the answers to these questions and more as we examine 2019 activity and look at year-to-date booking activity for 2020. We will also look at the TN-SC-NC-GA regions to identify trends. With Jason Sprenkle and Amy Hinote

9:20 - 9:35 Break
9:35 - 10:20

Marketing: SEO/SEM Disrupted: Google Shakes Up the Funnel

Changes at Google are disrupting traditional SEO and SEM strategies. How are these changes affecting marketing efforts, and how can VRMs navigate the new search format? Amber will demonstrate what has changed at Google, how channel managers and OTAs are working with Google’s new booking platform, and what strategies VRMs can implement to get in front of the coming disruption. With Amber Carpenter

Strategy: Lessons Learned—Technology, Hiring, Owners, Guests, Laundry, Linens and More

Experience is the best teacher, and some lessons are learned the hard way. Milo will candidly discuss some of these lessons he has learned over the last 15 years in vacation rental management, including implementing technology, hiring, working with homeowners, dealing with guests who want to blackmail you, battling regulations, facing new competition, and more. With Steve Milo, VTrips

Property Care: Bedbug Information for YOU

Cabins for YOU director of operations Leslie Adcock answers all your bedbug questions: What are bedbugs? How do they get in your rental unit? How do we treat for bedbugs? How do inspect for bedbugs? How we track positive or repeat cases? With feedback and input from our treatment company Chappell's Pest Control Company, Adcock will also discuss how to handle processing the linens and what to tell affected guests. While no one likes to discuss these issues, education is key to reducing online complaints and make sure properties are bedbug free. Leslie Adcock, Cabins For YOU

Technology and Revenue Management: The Growth of Smart Home and its Implications for Property Managers

Smart home technology is quickly changing our industry. Join us as we discuss the challenges and opportunities this presents to property managers and how you can leverage this technology to improve operations, safety, and guest/homeowner experience. With Stevan Henning

10:20 - 10:50 Break
10:50 - 11:35

Marketing: Could You Be Losing Guests in the Booking Process?

Once a guest finally chooses one of your rentals, are you losing them in the booking process? Identify and create a user-friendly online booking process while keeping guests excited about booking their vacation as they finalize the reservations. Analyze abandoned shopping cart activity, examine rental policy formats, and ensure an easy contract signing process. With April Burns, ICND

Strategy: Experience and Professionalism: Why it Matters in the Vacation Rental Industry

With new entrants in the vacation rental industry, the level of professionalism has seen a decline across the US. How is this lack of experience and diminished focus on best practices affecting the industry? Edwards will discuss the important of professionalism and how VRMs can raise the bar to create a higher expectation for homeowners, in our destinations, and in the industry. With Ben Edwards, Weatherby Consulting

Property Care: Independent Contractor or Employees – Rethinking Staffing Models

Effective January 1, 2020 Tennessee uses the IRS 20 factor test (versus the three-factor “ABC” test) to decide whether someone classifies as an independent contractor or employee. This presents an opportunity to re-evaluate your staffing model for housekeepers. During this session we will discuss pro’s and con’s of hiring IC’s or employees and the impact it has on your P&L, guest satisfaction, cleanliness scores and repeat business. It’s not just a dollars and cents decision. With Sue Jones, HR4VR

Technology and Revenue Management: Revenue Management Infrastructure

Now that the vacation rental industry is getting destination-level performance data, we have the ability to create data-driven revenue management processes and practices. With a background in hotel revenue management, Saylor will show VRMs how hoteliers determine and implement pricing strategies by combining technology (including PMS software, pricing tools, and data sources), and how these processes compare and contrast with the vacation rental industry. With Ryan Saylor, Beyond Pricing

11:35 - 11:45 Break
11:45 - 12:30

Marketing: How to Leverage Marketing Tools for Business Decisions & Real Results

While SEO and marketing tools provide incredible data, these tools oftentimes overwhelm non-marketing professionals. However, with a small amount of training, these tools can provide actionable data that provides a solid foundation for real-life business decisions. With David Angotti

Strategy: The Data Behind the Guest Experience Movement: A Glimpse into Why Airbnb,, and Expedia are Investing Millions of Dollars into Experiences

Join Matthew Loney, President and CEO of Xplorie, as he reveals the data and rationale behind the OTA's growing investment in experiences for guests. We'll take a deep dive into what it means for the vacation rental industry and how you can leverage your local tours and attractions to secure a competitive edge.

Property Care: Making Safety a Top Priority at Your Agency

It is important to address safety in your vacation rentals to prevent harm to guests, avoid lawsuits and improve marketability. How do you go about doing that? In this session, we'll discuss establishing the role of a safety manager(s) and establishing protocols, procedures and demonstrated best practices that will help ensure your VRMC is doing all it can do to address the safety of your guests. With Justin Ford, Breezeway

Tech and Marketing: Advanced Revenue Management: Putting the “how-to” after the “why”

The session will focus on the constraints, levers, and the need to mix automation with human oversight that makes revenue management for vacation rentals unique within the travel industry. The session will also present some well established frameworks for managing rates, minimum LOS, discounts and fees and discuss which frameworks work better than the others depending on the operational and distribution constraints property manager and owners face. With Anurag Verma, Pricelabs.

12:30 - 2:00 Lunch (Sponsored by Xplorie)
1:00 - 1:50

A New Decade in Vacation Rental Management

Vacation rental management companies are witnessing a shifting landscape with an influx of new faces, business models, and customer behavior. Industry leaders will be on stage to discuss regional changes, the competitive environment, new franchise models, preserving our destinations, and the future of vacation rental management in this new decade. With Jim Olin, John Madewell, Steve Milo, and Shawn Spiezio

1:50 - 2:05 Break
2:05 - 2:50

Marketing: Mitigate Bad Reviews and Get More 5-Star

Most people do not leave reviews and those who do either had an amazing stay or well, you know, a really bad one. In this session, I will show you how to get more reviews so you have more data to make better decisions with as well as show you how to mitigate bad reviews so they do not get found online. You’ll also find out how to get more 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and other review sites. This is critical for social proof, conversion and even SEO. With Justin Jones, IMEG

Strategy: Proactive Homeowner Acquisition

Competition for new homeowners has sharply increased with the influx of new and aggressive multi-destination companies. Pfautz discusses how homeowners are making decisions about choosing a VRM in 2020 and how to tell your story and set your company apart from the competition. With a focus on data and performance, VRMs can examine unique strategies and practices for targeting homeowners with the right message at the right time. With Brooke Pfautz

Property Care: Best Practices of successful housekeeping departments

Description Coming Soon. With James Skinner, Brindley Beach Vacations

Technology and Revenue Management: Data-driven Business Strategy

VRMs now have access to a ton of data, including destination data, performance data, website analytics, call center data, property data, and more. But how do managers combine all of this data to make business decisions about growth, staffing, pricing, and marketing? Each piece of data tells a small part of the business story, and when taken out of context, it can be misleading. But when the pieces are combined, VRMs can use these data sources to boost performance and maximize growth opportunities. With Brise Carpenter, Navis

2:50 - 3:20 Break
3:20 - 4:05

Marketing: Building the Relationship with Guests Before, During and After the Vacation

With more guests going straight to the property, it is increasingly difficult to build a trusting relationship with them that keeps them coming back year after year. Using email and SMS/text messaging, we’ll discuss how to connect and interact with guest with information that communicates trust and ensures that guest expectations are set and met. Alisa Justice, Bluetent

Strategy: The People Problem

Of the many challenges for vacation rental managers, the most pervasive and the most constant always seem to be people. Putting the right people in the right seats is critical to the success of any business. With unemployment at an all-time low, it’s harder than ever to hire and retain great talent. This session will focus on identifying, hiring and inspiring great teams to drive results within your organization. With Steve Trover, Laveer and Co

Property Care: Operations Roundtable

Operations is a core tenant for any property manager. During this roundtable session, we’ll address key issues that impact your housekeeping, inspection and maintenance teams. Choose between 5 topics or switch among those that are most relevant to your business. with Koryn Okey, Breezeway

Technology and Revenue Management: Key Data Workshop

Become a performance and destination data expert and identify KPIs that are important to your business. Learn to use the Key Data Dashboard to create reports that help drive business decisions, pricing and marketing strategy. Create your own dashboard views, and learn to quickly pull individual homeowner performance. Now that we have the data, let’s learn how to use it. With Key Data Team

4:05 - 4:15 Break
4:15 - 5:00

Marketing: Strategically Working with OTAs in 2020

People talk about strategic use of OTAs, but what does it actually mean? This session covers when to use OTAs, maximizing real estate on listing pages, and pricing strategies. Plus, does the billboard effect still exist and, if so, how does a VRM plant brand info into listings? With Michelle Marquis, Lexicon

Strategy: HR 411—Critical Workplace Topics for 2020

Workplace issues that kept leaders up at night in 2019 continue to cause more anguish in 2020. To assist you with a strong start as the calendar turns, we’re looking back at the key workplace topics that trended throughout 2019 that we expect will continue to hold your attention in the months ahead. Employment updates on salaried employees, overtime, marijuana, sick leave, ban the box and other key changes will be addressed during this session. With Sue Jones, HR4VR

Property Care: Breezeway Master Class

Join industry veteran, Koryn Okey, as she leads a Breezeway Master Class where she’ll provide a deep dive into key functionality to improve your scheduling process, increase visibility into the progress of your field staff, automate guest communication, and identify efficiency gains for your daily operations. As an added bonus, you will get a first look at upcoming features available this spring.

Technology and Revenue Management: 2020 Technology Landscape

Vacation rental technology has seen a shakeup over the last two years with consolidation and emerging third-party solutions. How are software executives looking at building PM software and how are property managers navigating combining the use of third-party tech products with their PMS? Panel: Scott Butler (Inhabit IQ), Brett Parry (Streamline), Ryan Bailey (TRACK), Ed Ulmer (Barefoot Technologies), and Joy Ritter (LiveRez), moderated by Amy Hinote

5:00 - 7:00 Cocktail Party at Ole Red (Sponsored by Beyond Pricing &

Leslie Adcock

With 15 years of operational management experience, 5 of those being in the hospitality industry, Leslie works closely with our Senior Leadership Team and all departmental managers to ensure daily operating processes and procedures are the most efficient and satisfactory for our guests and our owners. She works hard to come up with new policies and procedures to help all of our departments – in both Tennessee and Georgia – work together as a team and strive for Operational Excellence. Leslie holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Kennesaw State University and is married with a beautiful daughter. She loves spending time with her family, serving in her local church, and fishing and kayaking – or whatever keeps her in the outdoors!

David Angotti

David Angotti is a serial entrepreneur who founded and exited an EdTech startup, consulted with Fortune 100 brands, wrote for Search Engine Journal, and recently sold one of the fastest growing property management brands in the country. He is laser-focused on developing into the premier niche listing site in the country.
David’s primary strengths include business development, branding, high-level marketing, search engine optimization, and public relations. In addition to his business background, he was a commercial pilot and is certified to fly the fastest passenger jet in the world.

Ryan Bailey

Ryan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at TNS. Ryan has been a leader, product visionary, and innovator in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Today, TravelNet Solutions serves more than 2,000 hospitality companies to solve their most difficult technology and workflow challenges.

April Burns

April has a passion for hospitality. As a Senior Account Executive at ICND, she gets to work with her passion while helping vacation rental companies develop conversion focused websites and digital marketing presence. April has been working in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. Her experience includes presenting on a variety of topics at many national shows, she was also integral in creating and presenting curriculum for hotel schools around the world and has been known to emcee a few events. When April isn’t working closely with her clients she is serving as ICND’s Director of Fun, running team building activities, kickball tournaments, Chili cook offs and more for our team.

Amber Carpenter

Amber Carpenter has been part of the vacation rental industry since 2003. With an early start in the operations and owner relations side of the business, she has spent most of her career on the technology side of the industry. In the last decade, Amber built and sold a web marketing company to Instant Software (now HomeAway Software), she was the VP of eCommerce for Wyndham Vacation Rentals, the Chief Marketing Officer of The St. Joe Company, and most recently was the VP of Product for NAVIS before transitioning back to consulting with global hospitality software teams and tech-enabled vacation rental companies in early 2019.

Scott Butler

Brise Carpenter

Brise leads a team of 20 top-notch hospitality consultants with more than 280 combined years of experience; as well as Education, Implementation and Technical Support teams. Many on his team are former hotel and vacation rental executives and some are MBAs, but all specialize in helping hospitality professionals drive more top line revenue through better business analytics and optimized team performance. Brise holds a BA in Business Management and Organizational Leadership from George Fox University and an MBA from Concordia University.

Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards is the President of Weatherby Consulting, a company which provides transaction advisory, consulting, and asset management services with proven success in creating opportunities and solutions in the vacation rental industry. They deliver high-impact results, provide partner-level attention and implement tailored solutions to address each of their client’s unique goals and objectives.

As a respected and innovative industry leader, Ben Edwards has been positively affecting the real estate and vacation rental industries for more than 19 years. From managing small resorts, to financial and operational auditing, to opening large scale resort developments, Edwards’s unique background provides a multi-level approach to consulting, transaction and advisory services.

Justin Ford

Justin is Director of Safety & Certification Programs at Breezeway; where he is helping property managers and owners maintain the safety of vacation rental properties. An international vacation rental safety expert, Justin was the first to elevate awareness of safety in vacation rentals. Prior to Breezeway, Justin co-founded On the Water in Maine in 2006 and grew the company into the highest-grossing vacation rental company in New England. A former member of the US Coast Guard and Rockport Fire Department, Justin travels worldwide to share his industry expertise.

Amy Hinote

Amy Hinote is the founder and editor-in-chief of VRM Intel Magazine, which provides news, information and resources for the professionally managed vacation rental industry.

With a background in finance and over 14 years in the vacation rental industry, Hinote has worked with property management companies, technology companies, intermediaries and investors, and provides insider information about the growing vacation rental industry. She also founded the data company, now known as Key Data Dashboard, which provides aggregated market intelligence and reporting for vacation rental managers. Hinote resides between Alabama’s Gulf Coast and Evanston, Illinois.

Stevan Henning

Account Manager, PointCentral

Stevan Henning is an Account Manager with PointCentral, the industry leader in providing smart home and property automation solutions to vacation rental managers. With over 10 years of account management experience, Stevan brings a consultative approach to business and is eager to provide property managers with the best tools to ensure their success. Prior to joining PointCentral, he worked in the soccer industry for 12 years, focusing on account management, sales, and managing a sales team. Stevan loves to travel and is an avid student of musicology in his spare time.

Justin Jones

Authority in marketing, human behavior & potential, business, teleology, axiology, & technology. You may have seen me on Inc. 5000, Huffington Post, Business insider or other media channels. I live to help people & businesses grow.

I’m Justin Jones, the CEO & Founder of Internet Marketing Expert Group and various other companies. I imagine a world where, every day, people wake up and live an inspired life and not just exist. A world where people think for themselves, a world where people constantly become a better version of themselves every single day and live in their telos.

I have devoted my life to the study of human behavior, technology, marketing, challenging the status quo and inspiring others to give up fear and excuses to be who they really want to be.

I am best known for marketing, work ethic and thinking differently. I am also super fascinated by leaders of today and the past who have made great impacts on society. I am dedicated to lifelong study, personal achievement, constant growth and inspiring others to take action to get what they actually want.

I love to travel and explore the world and I’m also a big fan of goats.

Sue Jones

Sue Jones, owner of HR4VR, is passionate about creating human resource programs and services that are strategic in scope and consistent with the goals and objectives of vacation rental clients. Sue’s innovative approach to HR and extensive experience encompasses businesses of all sizes in multiple industries. When addressing the needs of her clients, Sue is especially skilled at transferring her knowledge, skills and abilities across business channels in a personable manner. Sue is a veteran of the US Navy, holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University and is both SHRM-SCP and SPHR certified.

Alisa Justice

Alisa Justice is a Senior Sales Executive at Bluetent with more than 16 years of experience in the vacation rental industry. Alisa began her career in the vacation rental industry in 2004 with Visual Data Systems (VDS), an agency focused on online marketing strategies and website development. She’s spent the last five years with Bluetent, using the breadth of her experience to help vacation rental managers make thoughtful decisions for their business. Alisa works to help vacation rental brands of all sizes achieve their goals. From zero properties to 30,000 properties, she helps design the right game plan for any business.

Matt Loney

Mr. Loney was hired by Xplorie in May 2015. He is responsible for the team development, venture capital partners, operations, and strategic growth of Xplorie. Under Mr. Loney’s leadership, Xplorie has nearly tripled in size since 2015. Mr. Loney served as the CEO from 2009-2014 for ACG Pizza Partners, a subsidiary of Atlanta based private equity firm, Argonne Capital. Under Mr. Loney’s leadership, ACG nearly doubled its total unit count in less than four years, resulting in an approximate 51% increase to store-level profitability. He also served as Sr. Vice President & General Counsel for Homegrown Industries of Georgia, franchisor of the nationally acclaimed Mellow Mushroom franchise. Mr. Loney has a B.S from Iowa State University and J.D. from the University of Iowa College of Law.

Michelle Marquis

Chief Revenue Officer for Lexicon Travel

Michelle Marquis is a leader in innovation, strategy, and best practices surrounding the vacation rental industry. She has been instrumental in successfully building other innovative technology-related businesses in this industry for well over a decade. She’s also a frequent speaker at industry events such as the Google Travel Conference, HSMAI, VRMA and Preferred Hotel Group. Michelle loves traveling/exploring, big red wines, and being surrounded by family and friends.

Steve Milo

Steve Milo is the Founder and CEO of VTrips, a growing and innovative property management and rental reservation platform that leverages a proprietary technology system to maximize occupancy, revenue growth, and profitability. VTrips manages 2,000 exclusive vacation rental properties in traditional resort destinations ranging from Florida to Hawaii. Steve is a recognized thought leader regarding the evolution of the highly fragmented vacation rental industry, and he is a regular keynote speaker at leading conferences in North America and Europe.

Brett Parry

Brett Parry is the Chief Product Officer for Streamline.For more than a decade, Streamline has worked tirelessly to simplify the vacation rental management process. Streamline’s quality suite of programs has made it easier than ever before to manage a large volume of properties by providing property managers with every function they may need.

Brooke Pfautz

Founder & CEO of Vintory

Brooke Pfautz is one of the industry’s foremost experts in growing vacation rental inventory. He got his start in the industry 12 years ago when he founded Vantage Resort Realty in Ocean City, MD and took an idea on a napkin to more than 500 properties in just five years. After a successful exit, he went on to grow inventory for other major vacation rental brands as a chief business development officer in Orlando, FL. Most recently, as an executive at a leading vacation rental software company, he saw first-hand through MasterMind groups that he launched and facilitated what worked and what didn’t for the 20 largest and most successful companies on the platform. Today, Brooke runs Vintory, the only outsourced business development agency in the vacation rental industry dedicated entirely to helping professional property managers add new homes to their programs.

Brandon Sauls

Owner of InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND)

Brandon is the Owner of InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND) in Wilmington, NC. ICND is an award-winning web development and digital marketing team that specializes in vacation rentals and real estate companies. Since 1999, ICND has been offering a wide array of web related services, including web design, development, business automation tools, and full service digital marketing.

Ryan Saylor

Revenue Manager at Beyond Pricing

Ryan Saylor is a Revenue Manager at Beyond Pricing, the world’s first dynamic pricing platform for the vacation rental industry. Prior to joining Beyond Pricing, Ryan spent time in hotel revenue management after obtaining a degree from Purdue University in Hospitality & Tourism Management. His previous experience includes independent and branded hotel revenue management, as well as hotel digital marketing, web development, and strategic planning.

Jason Sprenkle

CEO of Key Data

Jason is currently the CEO of Key Data, a business intelligence and benchmarking dashboard used by over 400 of the leading vacation rental companies and resorts around the world. Jason is also an owner of 360 Blue, which manages over 600 luxury homes in the Florida Panhandle and Colorado, and a co-founder of The Sonder Project, an international non-profit whose mission is to strengthen communities through food security, clean water, and education. Previously, Jason was the co-founder and CEO of Glad to Have You (acquired by HomeAway), a luxury real estate developer, and a software attorney.

Jim Olin

Jim is CEO of C2G Advisors, LLC, a strategic consulting firm specializing in all facets of the hospitality industry, with special emphasis on short-term rentals and resort activities, he has been a leader in the hospitality, resort real estate, and development industries since the 1980s. The company also has a robust M&A operation, and has been responsible for more M&A deals within the vacation rental industry than anyone else in history. Jim provides litigation consulting in the areas of hospitality and business economic loss.
Previously, Jim was Managing Partner of The Sterling Companies, LLC, the President and CEO of ResortQuest International, and the President and CEO of Abbott Resorts and Abbott Realty.

Prior to joining Abbott Resorts, he served in various capacities within the tourism and economic development fields in Florida, beginning with the Florida Department of Commerce. Jim is a licensed real estate broker in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, and has been appointed to numerous State level committees and task forces by previous Florida Governors and Secretaries of Commerce. Jim is a member of both the prestigious Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), and the Council of Real Estate Broker Managers (CRB) – he is one of only 8 persons currently invited to membership in both organizations simultaneously. Jim also has certifications from the National Association of Realtors as a Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS), and a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). He is also a Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE), and a Fellow with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Jim currently sits on the Board of Directors of Key Data Dashboard, and Board of Advisors for Host Compliance. Olin is a former Research and Statistics Instructor at the University of Phoenix, and holds a Masters Degree from Florida State University. He is also a founding Board Member of the Onsite Property Managers Association (OPMA) and is a frequent speaker at the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) National Conference.

John Madewell

John Madewell is the Owner/President of Auntie Belham’s Cabin Rentals, Inc. a Pigeon Forge based property management company that has been managing properties in the Smoky Mountain Region since 1994.

Prior to taking ownership of Auntie Belhams in 2009, John worked for a global manufacturing company holding several roles from Director of Manufacturing and lastly Director of Sales and Marketing for their North American Operations. While there, John facilitated the start-up of manufacturing plants in Dimona, Israel as well as 2 sites in the U.S. as well as structured a technical Sales and Marketing Team to help position the company for the changing global marketplace.

Since joining Auntie Belhams in 2009, John has helped the company navigate and grow through the economic downturn and the ever-changing landscape of the Vacation Rental Management business that the Smoky Mountain Region is currently experiencing.

Koryn Okey

Koryn Okey is dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships with her clients and driving awareness to the vacation rental industry. Since 2017, she has served as VP of Sales at Breezeway pioneering their property care and operations software, which help property managers improve back-office operations and turn days. Koryn got her start in Vacation Rentals in 2008 at FlipKey as part of the team who brought Guest Reviews to the industry. While Koryn calls Boston home, if she’s not at an industry conference or visiting clients in-market, you can often find her on the beaches of St. John or enjoying a nice glass of wine in Napa Valley.

Ed Ulmer

James Skinner

James Vernon Skinner graduated Perquimans County High School in Hertford, NC and then spent 17 years in the United States Navy. He has been married for 30 years to Rosetta Skinner, and is a father of two and grandfather of one. He has been the Housekeeping Manager at Brindley Beach Vacations & Sales since 2012 and has worked in the housekeeping and laundry departments since 1996. He won the title of Executive Housekeeper of the Year for the organization VRHP (Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals) in 2013, and he has spoken & presented at many events across the nation. Currently he leads and directs 150+ housekeeping crews, and assists in running the laundry operations for 500+ rental homes. In 8 years of running the housekeeping department he has never had to advertise for hiring employees. James is the author of several books, including Clean House and holds a patent for a cleaning glove removal tab.

Joy Ritter

Anurag Verma

Anurag Verma co-founded PriceLabs five years ago to bring revenue management automation prevalent in airlines and hotels into the vacation and short-term rental industry. He has spent six years designing and improving revenue management algorithms and systems at United Airlines in Chicago while working closely with revenue managers and data scientists within the company. He has a PhD in Operations Research, and loves all things numbers.

Steve Trover

After thirty years of forming and growing many different businesses, I have now come to the conclusion that my successes and failures hinged on the same thing.

Identifying, hiring and engaging people.

When they were the right people in the right roles, fully engaged, we were extremely successful. When they were not, no strategic plan or amazing vision mattered. We simply could not execute to the level required.

Laveer & Company was formed in early 2017 to help companies identify, hire and engage the right people for the right seats. We assist in increasing applicant flow for open positions. We recruit for hard to find roles. We offer behavioral profiling and cognitive testing as certified partners with the Predictive Index.

The best teams win.

If you are looking to grow your team,
I would invite you to reach out so we can learn how we can help you identify, hire and inspire the best.

If you are an individual in the vacation rental (VR) space considering a move, please let us know. We have many great clients looking for experienced VR professionals.