David Angotti

David Angotti

David Angotti is a serial entrepreneur who founded and exited an EdTech startup, consulted with Fortune 100 brands, wrote for Search Engine Journal, and recently sold one of the fastest growing property management brands in the country. He is laser-focused on developing SmokyMountains.com into the premier niche listing site in the country. David’s primary strengths include business development, branding, high-level marketing, search engine optimization, and public relations. In addition to his business background, he was a commercial pilot and is certified to fly the fastest passenger jet in the world.

How to Leverage Marketing Tools for Business Decisions & Real Results

By David Angotti

While SEO and marketing tools provide incredible data, these tools oftentimes overwhelm non-marketing professionals. However, with a small amount of training, these tools can provide actionable data that provides a solid foundation for real-life business decisions.