The Importance of Asset Management for Vacation Rental Management Companies

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Ed Ulmer is going to make the case for Vacation Rental Managers as Asset Managers. In periods of great turmoil relationships are won or lost.  This is part of building your value proposition with your owners so that they will never consider leaving you because you do so much for them.  We will discuss how you protect the owners asset (property) and grow them in a way that benefits their needs while you make money doing it. There also is a huge opportunity right now for adding Rent By Owners into your portfolio. In this current situation, RBO owners realize that they have limited good information on the state of their property and its market. The portals they use to manage their bookings see their property as just a commodity. Vacation Rental Management companies as Asset Manager’s for these RBOs is compelling.

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Ed Ulmer, CEO of Barefoot Technologies

Claiborne Yarbrough, Director of Sales

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Barefoot Technologies offers the most innovative and flexible solutions for property, resort and vacation rental management. Our value proposition includes the strongest trust accounting in the industry that includes group bookings, multi-owner, concierge/upsell and yield management. Our API allows us to continue to partner with other industry technology. Our current focus is on helping our clients become asset managers and on the philosophy of creating clients for life.

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