From Rags to Riches: Navigating Your Online Presence Both Now & Later with What You Have

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Uncharted times indeed. This webinar will focus on what to leverage during this time in terms of keeping your company in the forefront from a marketing standpoint, whether you had to perform layoffs or you have a bored staff that needs work. Where should your focus be? We’ll explore different options you have available to make sure you stay relevant to your guests (and to Google when the time comes). What should you be looking at on your website to come out on top after the pandemic?  Should you keep emailing? PPC? SEO? Social media posts?  We will also dive into the type of message should you be sending out right now and once the virus is over? We’ll also discuss homeowner relations — keeping the ones you have on board and keeping your presence known for any scouting to make a switch.  The overall goal is to stay relevant, not just with new potential customers, but to also make sure you don’t lose the years’ worth of customers you do have.

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